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  • Ersatzbatteriehalter für Schnappschaltungen
  • Kann als Ersatz für verlorenes oder kaputtes Produkt gekauft werden

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Grandes pièces de rechange!

Mes enfants jouent avec leurs circuits à pression depuis des années et j'adore pouvoir obtenir des pièces pour les faire continuer à jouer !

Arrivé ici vite, exactement ce dont nous avions besoin

L'expédition était plus rapide que prévu! On nous a offert un jeu de circuits instantanés d'occasion et il manquait la partie batterie. C'était exactement ce dont nous avions besoin et mon fils est tellement excité que l'ensemble peut fonctionner maintenant. Prix très abordable!

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the perfect replacement battery holder! I got Snap Circuit Jr. from a friend of mine, whose children played with this several years ago, but the battery holder corroded. The replacement holder from Robot shop rejuvenated Snap Circuit Jr. This is really a win-win; good for the environment and my purse. I would come back for more parts in the near future since I have 2 little boys who love to manipulate all sorts of gadgets. Thank you!

Good Quality product, what I expected

We left batteries in the battery holder that came with our Snap Circuit Jr. set, and they corroded. I was pleased to see that Robotshop had the individual part, since that's all I needed, and the price was right. I also like that fact that Robotshop offers the alternative shipping to lower the cost of shipping. It took a while to arrive, but I was in no hurry to get it. The product is exactly like the one that came in the original set, and it works well. I would recommend removing the batteries from the batter holder when storing the set, so the batteries don't corrode and ruin the holder.

Got here fast, exactly what we needed

Shipping was faster than expected! We were gifted a used snap circuit set and it was missing the battery part. This was exactly what we needed and my son is so excited the set can work now. Very affordable pricing!

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