Beleuchteter Ein/Aus Kippschalter (Rot)

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  • Kippschalter und Abdeckung - beleuchtet (rot)
  • bewertet für 12V 20A
  • Beinhaltet Raketenschalterabdeckung
  • LED kann mit so wenig wie 3.3V beleuchtet werden

Der beleuchtete Ein/Aus Kippschalter (Rot) ist ein einfacher Ein- und Ausschalter für 20A bei 12V. Aber wen kümmert das? Rr sieht einfach nur fantastisch aus.

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Customer Reviews

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Oui, cela a été acheté parce qu'il a l'air cool

Quand j'ai décrit le prochain projet, un collègue a demandé s'il allait avoir un commutateur de missile. Oui, oui. La fiche technique abandonne et se concentre sur le cool ; moi aussi. VEUILLEZ NOTER : Consultez l'avis indiquant que cela n'est pas approprié pour les applications où vous ne voudriez pas d'un interrupteur qui pourrait facilement être désactivé.

Will look neat on my robot

I had to have some switches on my tank. just though they would look good.

Bit too big for desktop projects

I should have paid closer attention to the mechanical drawings before ordering.

Good but Disappointed

Positives: Very impressive amp rating (20A) for high power projects. Cool design and excellent value; cheaper than some switches with lower amp ratings. Negatives: The switch required too much effort to flip. The missile switch cover has to remain vertical when the switch is ON and since I planned on mounting this switch on the side of my robot, the protrusion was not only unsightly but whenever the robot moves close to anything that taps the protrusion, the spring-action in the cover snaps the switch to the OFF position on its own.

Yes, this was purchased because it looks cool

When I described the next project, a coworker asked if it was going to have a missile switch. Yes, yes it will. The datasheet gives up and focuses on cool; so did I. PLEASE NOTE: Check out the review indicating that this isn't appropriate for applications where you wouldn't want a switch that could easily be turned off.

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