MCP3424 4-Kanaals 18-bit Analoog naar Digitaal Converter met Programmeerbare Versterking

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  • MCP3424 18-bit ADC-4-kanaal met programmeerbare versterkingsversterker
  • Programmeerbare resolutie: 12, 14, 16, 18 bits
  • Programmeerbare data snelheid: 240, 60, 15, 3.75 SPS
  • Standby-stroom: 300nA (5V)

De MCP3424 4-Kanaals 18-bit Analoog naar Digitaal Converter met Programmeerbare Versterking biedt een analoge ingangsfunctie voor Raspberry Pi en biedt een zeer nauwkeurige analoge ingang voor Arduino.

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missing resistors, delicate address switches

the board appears well made however I broke the address switch with my finger switching it to the off position(still works but I have to use a pointed device to switch it). The unit does not have pull up resistors on the board for the SCL SDA terminals, according to the documentation these are required. There size depends on the speed that is desired and the power consumption. There is no mention of the missing resistors in the supplied online docs. These are very tiny almost impossible to hand solder. It an be done but not easily.

Works well out of the box.

Seeing a 1 star review surprised me. I have not had any hardware problems with this. It can be connected directly into the i2c of either Arduino and Raspberry Pi without requiring any additional electronics, and online available software works well. It gives me stable readings, and I'm very happy with it.

Fonctionne bien hors de la boîte.

Voir une critique 1 étoile m'a surpris. Je n'ai pas eu de problèmes matériels avec cela. Il peut être connecté directement à l'i2c d'Arduino et de Raspberry Pi sans nécessiter d'électronique supplémentaire, et les logiciels disponibles en ligne fonctionnent bien. Cela me donne des lectures stables et j'en suis très content.

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