Super Watchdog met Batterij Back-up voor Raspberry Pi

Sequent MicrosystemsArtikelnummer:RB-Sqm-14
Fabrikant #: SM-I-003

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  • Super Watchdog met Batterij Back-up voor Raspberry Pi
  • Biedt drievoudige voedingsaansluitingen: micro-USB, USB-C en cilinder
  • Acculader aan boord
  • Step-up converter en intelligente vermogensmonitor
  • Levert tot 3,5 A/5 V stroom aan Raspberry Pi vanaf Li-ionbatterij
  • Schakel RPI-stroom uit nadat de software is vergrendeld
  • Let op: batterij niet inbegrepen

De Super Watchdog met Batterij Back-up voor Raspberry Pi wordt geleverd met een ronde-voedingsconnector, die een 2 A had en is vervangen door de 5 A-versie.

De step-up voeding, die de Raspberry Pi vanuit de batterij voedt wanneer de stroom uitvalt, is opnieuw ontworpen om de minimum 3 A te leveren die vereist is voor Rpi-4.

Er is een USB-C-type connector toegevoegd, zodat u de RPi-4-voeding kunt gebruiken, maar om compatibiliteit met eerdere generaties te behouden, is ook de USB-B-connector behouden.

  • 1 x Super Watchdog met Batterij Back-up voor Raspberry Pi


  • 10 x 7 x 2 cm
  • Voeding: 4,75-5,25 V / 3 A
  • Gewicht: 60 gram

Customer Reviews

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Good idea but half done ...

I purchased the item to make my Raspberry Pi Home automatisation mire secure against power failure and hanging up. The target was to use the watchdog and the battery to bridge short power outages and if they last longer, shut the RPI4 down in a controlled manner. It should then restarts automatically when power comes back. The thing can most likely do all that but it comes with very litte documentation. There is some piece of software one can install from GitHub (which is OK, this is standard in the RPI world) but there is almost no documentation - they basically assume that you write your own bash command line files to do the job. I have no experience and no time to fiddle around for days. I just don’t understand why someone develops such a nice product and then finds nit an hour or two to simply publish some sample script files in GitHub - I am sure they have all this information and for whatever reason they hold it back. This is why I call it an unfinished product - and I use it for the moment just as battery buffered power source until I find a better product. Two stars for the idea and the hardware design.

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