Firgelli FCB-1 Actuator Control Board w/ LCD Screen

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  • Firgelli FCB-1 Actuator Control Board w/ LCD Screen
  • Manages up to 4 linear actuators simultaneously
  • Features adjustable speed and limit position adjustment
  • Includes user-friendly LCD touchscreen for easy operation
  • Offers timer control options and multiple program times

The Firgelli FCB-1 Actuator Control Board w/ LCD Screen is an advanced control device, specifically designed to manage electric linear actuators equipped with feedback systems. This device has the capacity to simultaneously control up to four linear actuators, providing precision and synchronization across a range of applications. It ensures optimal performance and seamless operation in tasks such as lifting doors, adjusting desks, or handling uneven loading scenarios.

The control box is equipped with a variety of features and benefits. These include a Synchronous Mode for simultaneous operation, Adjustable Speed for precise control, Limit Position Adjustment for setting boundaries, and Compatibility with Feedback Systems for enhanced performance. It also offers Direct Control for immediate response, Optional External Switch Control for added flexibility, and a User-Friendly LCD Touch Screen for easy operation. Additionally, it provides Timer Control Options, Multiple Program Times, and an Interval Mode for scheduling tasks. The control box is easy to set up, features robust wiring for durability, and a Calibration Function for accuracy. It operates efficiently within a temperature range of -40 to 80 degrees Celsius.

The FIRGELLI FCB-1 Control Box also includes two timer features: the Delay Timer Function and the Interval Timer Function. These features offer flexibility and customization options, enhancing the control and automation capabilities of the device.

  • 1x Firgelli FCB-1 Actuator Control Board w/ LCD Screen

  • 8.75 x 4.25 x 1.5 inches

  • Control Capacity: Supports up to 4 linear actuators
  • Feedback Compatibility: Compatible with 3-wire or 4-wire feedback signal actuators, including those with Hall sensor or optical sensor feedback
  • Control Method: Features a LCD touchscreen interface with a 2.25 inch color screen
  • Power Input: Requires a 12-24VDC power input with a maximum of 40A
  • Timer Control: Equipped with a time of day controller and interval mode, allowing for customizable delay times
  • Program Times: Allows for up to 5 different program times within a 24-hour period
  • Control Options: Provides speed adjustment for extension and retraction, as well as limit position adjustment
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with various applications, such as lifting doors and adjustable desks
  • Wiring: Includes connecting blocks for 4 actuators, 1 connecting block for power, and 1 connecting block for an external switch or trigger input from another device. Comes with clearly labeled wiring diagram and instructions for power, switch, and actuator connections
  • Control Box Housing: Features a sturdy and durable housing to protect internal components from damage. Please note that it is not waterproof
  • Mounting Options: Offers large mounting tabs on the control box for easy installation in various orientations
  • Power Indicator: Includes an LED indicator to display the power status of the control box
  • Actuator Feedback Indicator: Equipped with LED indicators to display the feedback status of each actuator, allowing for quick identification of any issues
  • Power Supply: Requires a 12-24VDC power supply with a maximum of 40Amp for operation
  • Works with the following FIRGELLI Actuators: Super Duty models, Utility models, Bullet Series 36 Cal and 50 Cal, Optical Feedback series, and Micro Pen with Feedback series. May also be compatible with Non-FIRGELLI Actuators that have built-in Hall sensors or Optical Sensor Actuator. Please check with your manufacturer first

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