ServoMoteur Micro 9g Rotation Continue

FeeTechUGS :RB-Fit-02
Numéro du fabricant: FS90R

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  • Micro servomoteur analogique à rotation continue
  • Tension opérationnelle : 4,8 à 6 volts
  • Engrenages en plastique
  • Vitesse : 0,12 sec/60°
  • Longueur du fil : 20 cm
  • Size : 23,2 X 12,5 X 22 mm
  • Poids : 9 g (0,32 on.)
  • Couple : 1,3,9 on.po.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Parfait pour ce dont j'ai besoin

Travailler comme il se doit

It works as intended

Nothing fancy, but low price, and it can push a fairly decent load, so I'd recommend it

Cela fonctionne comme prévu

Rien d'extraordinaire, mais un prix bas, et il peut pousser une charge assez décente, donc je le recommanderais

Wish we'd known about this several months ago!

We ordered some servos that we intended to hack for continuous rotation, and when the time came, they were not hackable :-( Seems like that happens a lot. You don't want that to happen at the last minute. These worked great. Thanks!

New version is not as good.

I bought a bunch of these servos about one year ago and they were great. Speed control needed some minor calibration, but that was expected. Hardware calibration was done with a flathead trimpot flush with the rear of the casing. However, I recently ordered these same servos. Now, the trimpot has been moved far inside the servo housing, and is a phillips head. A small philips had to be inserted through a small hole in the casing to access the trimpot, which was mounted at an awkward angle within the motor. It was much more difficult to calibrate, and thus use, these servos. Otherwise, the servos have good speed and torque, capable of driving a small robot. Wires are slightly weak and prone to breakage if appropriate strain-relief measures are not taken.

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