Controlador de Motor Regenerativo 2x15A, 6-34VDC RoboClaw

Número de fabricante: IMC412

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  • Controlador de Motor Regenerativo 2x15A, 6-34VDC RoboClaw
  • Puede suministrar 15 amperios a 02 motores CC con escobillas
  • Codificadores de cuadratura doble hasta con 19.6 millones de pulsos por segundo
  • Inteligencia de control de movimiento de alto rendimiento
  • También puede cambiar de dirección durante la aceleración total sin causar daño

El Controlador de Motor Regenerativo 2x15A, 6-34VDC RoboClaw puede suministrar 15 amperios continuos y hasta un pico de 30 amperios a 02 motores de corriente continua con escobillas. Gracias a su interfaz multimodo, se puede controlar por USB, radio RC, dispositivos seriales, analógicos o microcontroladores, como Arduino o Raspberry Pi.

Controlador de Motor Regenerativo 2x15A, 6-34VDC RoboClaw

Es compatible con codificadores de cuadratura doble hasta con 19.6 millones de pulsos por segundo. Además, es compatible con una amplia gama de entradas de sensores, incluidos potenciómetros y codificadores absolutos. La funcionalidad de bucle cerrado de RoboClaw crea un control absoluto sobre las revoluciones, la velocidad y la dirección, independientemente de los cambios de carga.

El núcleo de RoboClaw es una inteligencia de control de movimiento de alto rendimiento que logra un control de alta precisión y un óptimo rendimiento del motor en modos de bucle abierto o cerrado.

Controlador de Motor Regenerativo 2x15A, 6-34VDC RoboClaw

  • 1x Controlador de Motor Regenerativo 2x15A, 6-34VDC RoboClaw
  • 74 mm de largo x 52 mm de ancho x 17 mm de alto
  • Salidas seguras de 3.3V: sí
  • Entradas tolerantes de 5V: sí
  • Codificadores en cuadratura: sí
  • Codificadores absolutos: sí
  • Codificador de autoajuste: sí
  • Canales de motor: 02
  • BEC: 5 VDC @ 3Amp
  • Protección térmica: sí
  • Sentido de corriente: sí
  • Protección de batería: sí
  • Frenado regenerativo: sí
  • Otra protección de voltaje: sí
  • Bajo protección de voltaje: sí
  • Voltaje máximo: 34 VDC
  • Voltaje mínimo: 6 VDC


  • USB: sí
  • Analógico: sí
  • RS232: sí
  • Bus CAN: no
  • Pulso RC: sí
  • E / S configurable: sí
  • Programación: no
  • Modo de control de posición: sí
  • Modo de control de velocidad: sí
  • Modo de control de torque: sí
  • Tipo de motor: CC con escobillas


  • Peso: 61 gramos
  • Enfriamiento: disipador térmico de lado superior

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Much much more than the Sabertooth

I switched from a Sabertooth because their support is bad. So glad I did. This board has way more for less money than Sabertooth. For example : USB connection, current monitoring and upper setpoints, input signal led, on board pid control, with a Sabertooth you would have to buy another board for this feature. So happy I switched to this board.

Have bought before, will buy again (if needed)

Bought this to replace an old one that finally let go. Solid controller that works exceptionally well with the encoder motors. A bit tricky to get initially set up (like most things it seems these days the instructions are a little thin but since they can't know all the different ways we're going to use these that's probably expected.

Francois Jr.
Excellent board with a lot of options

Fast free shipping. One have to be well versed in electronics/automation/robotics/programming to use and configure these boards but boy do they deliver in terms of capabilities and configurability. The manual from iMotion lacks concrete application examples. It also warns users that connecting positive and negative in reverse will damage the board...I confirm this....don't make such a mistake. Very satisfied with the board.

Very good and complete product

It's a little expansive but it worth what you pay for. Just read the user manual and you 'll understand

Not too happy for my application

I bought this in combination with an RC transmitter and receiver to control a manual crane. Decided to use this setup to get variable speeds on the motors (versus a more simple on/off of motors using FOBS and relays) but I can't get the full voltages out of the controller nor can I figure out how to troubleshoot! I'd put up with the size of the transmitter (RC versus FOBs) but I tested this with just a voltmeter to exclude any motor issues and the inconsistent voltage outputs is an outstanding issue. I really need the full 12 VDC to these motors. Even without full power, I can still spin 3.6A wheelchair motors (24VDC running slower at 12VDC) and love the fact that it has indicator lights to signal when RC signals are coming in. You have to change the default mode to RC but otherwise, it was fairly easy to get going. Not too sure how to troubleshoot the inconsistent voltages coming out of this unit. Might be going to a simple FOB to relays, Robotshop doesn't carry that so I'd have to buy it somewhere else.

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