Breadboard Power Supply Kit 5V/3.3V

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  • Provides clean 5V/3.3V to your breadboard or project 
  • Requires soldering and assembly 
  • No assembly manual provided

The Breadboard Power Supply Kit is a very simple breadboard power supply kit that takes power from a DC wall wart and outputs a selectable 5V or 3.3V regulated voltage. The .1" headers are mounted on the bottom of the PCB for simple insertion into a breadboard. Pins labeled VCC and GND plug directly into the power lines. The lone pair of pins have no electrical connection but help support the PCB. There are two pins available within the barrel jack footprint. Any stripped +/- DC supply can be connected instead of the barrel connector. Board has both an On/Off switch and a voltage select switch (3.3V/5V).

Breadboard Power Supply Kit 5V/3.3V- Click to Enlarge

This product comes as a bag of parts kit and is easily assembled if you can follow the silkscreen indicators and have beginning experience with a soldering iron. You will need to read the resistor bands or use a multimeter to determine the resistor sizes. No assembly manual is provided.

  • DC Barrel Connector (2.1mm center positive) 
  • TO-220 Voltage Regulator (LM317 1.5A max current) 
  • 1N4004 Reverse Protection Diode 
  • 100uF 25V Capacitor 
  • 10uF 25V Capacitor 
  • 0.1uF 50V Capacitor 
  • Red Power LED - High Brightness 
  • 2pcs SPDT Slide Switch 
  • 4pcs 0.1" Header Pins 
  • 2pcs 330Ω  Resistor 1/6W
  • 390Ω  Resistor 1/6W 
  • 240Ω  Resistor 1/6W 
  • Bare PCB with Silkscreen Indicators
  • Recommended power supply: Wall Adapter Power Supply - 9VDC 650mA

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mr Magoo
Easy to Build but some observations

This circuit is easy to build, but since it does not come with a build sheet; besides soldering experience you should have access to resistor color code information (for correct placement of resistors). The only other component that is tricky to place is the Power LED which must be installed in the correct orientation (not marked like electrolytic caps; lead length is the clue). You best test the LED to determine the + pin orientation before soldering in place. I also found the output voltages to be 3.21 (for 3.3 setting) and 4.88v (for 5V setting). The last comment is that the breadboard pins are in line on the circuit board, but when you plug into the solderless breadboard the power bus lines are offset slightly which means the power supply board does not sit square on the breadboard (not a big issue just an observation). It would have been nice if the circuit board offset the breadboard output pins to match the breadboard.

Works as expected

3.3 and 5 V. Fit's standard BB. Must be assembled from a kit. Short circuit protected. Works.

Works Great!!

Works great, fairly simple to assemble as long as you can solder.

Mr Magoo
Facile à construire mais quelques observations

Ce circuit est facile à construire, mais comme il n’est pas accompagné d’une feuille de construction; en plus de l'expérience de la soudure, vous devez avoir accès aux informations du code de couleur des résistances (pour un placement correct des résistances). Le seul autre composant qui soit difficile à placer est le voyant d'alimentation qui doit être installé dans le bon sens (non marqué comme les capuchons électrolytiques; la longueur de fil est l'indice). Il est préférable de tester le voyant pour déterminer l’orientation de la broche + avant de souder en place. J'ai aussi trouvé que les tensions de sortie étaient 3.21 (pour le réglage 3.3) et 4.88v (pour le réglage 5V). Le dernier commentaire est que les broches de la planche à pain sont alignées sur le circuit imprimé, mais lorsque vous branchez la carte à pain sans soudure, les lignes du bus d’alimentation sont légèrement décalées, une remarque). Cela aurait été bien si le circuit imprimé compensait les broches de sortie de la planche à pain pour correspondre à la planche à pain.

Fonctionne très bien!!

Fonctionne très bien, assez simple à assembler aussi longtemps que vous pouvez souder.

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