PoScope Mega50 USB MSO Oscilloscope

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  • PoScope Mega50 USB MSO Oscilloscope
  • Features an affordable 6-in-1 PC-based instrument
  • Consumes low power and draws only 150 mA current
  • Is especially convenient for outdoor measurements

The PoScope Mega50 USB MSO Oscilloscope is low power consumption USB oscilloscope, function generator and logic analyzer in one on the market. It draws only 150 mA thus the best choice for measurement environments which demands power autonomy and longevity.

It’s especially convenient for outdoor measurements in remote places where power supply is limited and portability is very important. Integrated high quality analog to digital converters are able to sample up to 48 MHz and with 8-bit data resolution at +/-30 V input range.

Function generator is capable of generating different pattern test signals with frequency up to 12,5kHz and maximum amplitude of 1,8Vpp. Logic analyzer captures up to 16 digital inputs and gathers data for further analysis.

Included free software PoScope4 extends it’s usability for many different applications. USB oscilloscope PoScopeMega50 is really powerful pocket size device which will save your time, money and make your work with measurments much easier.

The PoScope4 software is multi-threaded Windows application which enables usage of single or multiple PoScopeMega1 devices at same time. It’s core is based around plugin technology thus users can connect to it any measurement device by PoLabs.

Parallel processing unit provides fast and smooth data acquisition and graphics drawing. All those features together makes PoScope4 extremely modular, fast and easy to use. PoScope4 offers many different displays such as Oscilloscope, FFT, X/Y, Recorder and Logic analyzer to display, analyze and export captured data.

Part of logic analyzer is logic decoder which decodes captured digital signal to different protocols such as I2C, 1-Wire etc and makes debugging of communication protocols easier.

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