Marvelmind Starter Set Super-MP-3D (915/868MHz, US/EU)

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  • Marvelmind Starter Set Super-MP-3D (915/868MHz, US/EU)
  • Offers a multi-purpose (MP) set based on Super-Beacons
  • Designed for precise indoor positioning and navigation
  • Contains a mobile beacon with IMU
  • Provides up to ±2cm precision
  • Used for autonomous navigation of mobile robots
  • Note: You are responsible for determining if this frequency is allowed in your country

The Marvelmind Starter Set Super-MP-3D (915/868MHz, US/EU) is designed for precise indoor positioning and navigation.

It can be used for autonomous navigation of mobile robots, vehicles, and drones; for industrial applications, for example, forklifts or people tracking in a warehouse for safety and productivity. The set is particularly good for: production automation, warehouse automation, safety, and productivity for people and vehicle tracking; building geo-fencing zone, and tracking inside them.

The particular focus of the set is on the accuracy of positioning. The set can provide up to ±2 cm precision even before additional sensor fusion or filtering. That accuracy is about 10 times better than what ultra-wideband (UWB) provides and about 100 times better than it can provide BLE (iBeacon) based systems.

Marvelmind Indoor Navigation System is an off-the-shelf indoor navigation system designed to provide precise (±2 cm) location data to autonomous robots, vehicles (AGV), and copters.

It can also be used to track other objects with a mobile beacon installed on them, for example, forklifts in warehouses or virtual reality (VR) helmets or helmets for construction workers or miners, etc.

Note: You are responsible for determining if this frequency is allowed in your country.

  • 1x Marvelmind Starter Set Super-MP-3D (915/868 MHz, US/EU)
  • 4x Stationary Super-Beacons (any of: 19, 22, 25, 28, 34, 37 or 45 kHz)
  • 1x Mobile Super-Beacon (identical to the stationary Super-Beacons, but on 31 kHz)
  • 1x Modem HW v5.1 supporting up to 250 beacons


  • 55 x 55 x 33 mm

Distance between beacons

  • Reach up to 50 meters in lab conditions
  • Recommended distance is 30 meters

Coverage area

  • Reach up to 1000 m2 with the Starter Set configurations
  • Coverage for larger territories is similar to cellular networks

Location precision

  • Absolute: 1–3% of the distance to the beacons
  • Differential precision: ±2 cm

Location update rate

  • 0.05–25 Hz
  • Can be set manually
  • Depends on the distance between the mobile and stationary beacons
  • Depends on the number of mobile beacons
  • Depends on the radio interface profile (500 kbps vs. 38 kbps)
  • Slightly depends on the number of stationary beacons - different than for mobile beacons

Power supply


  • LiPo battery 1000 mAh
  • Battery lifetime depends on many parameters. Mostly:
  • Mode – transmitting or receiving
  • Location update rate – faster update rate – nearly, proportionally shorter battery life-time)
  • Radio profile – 500 kbps better than 38 kbps, because shorter
  • Submap size or limitation of distance – shorter distance => longer battery life-time


  • micro USB – recommended for permanent use


  • 59 g (including battery 1000 mAh and housing and antenna 50 mm)
  • 27 g (bare board w/o battery)

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