ClicBot Suction Cup

KEYi TechSKU: RBC-Key-15
Manufacturer #: Suction Cup

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  • ClicBot Suction Cup
  • Designed for ClicBot Robot (Not Included)
  • Allows ClicBot to cling to smooth surfaces or vertical surfaces

The ClicBot Suction Cup is a functional actuator module. It allows ClicBot to cling to smooth surfaces, manipulate objects, or climb vertical surfaces. The Suction Cup includes a negative pressure pump and a solenoid valve. By utilizing a microprocessor, it can control the air current and turn on/off the value, allowing the ClicBot to perform climbing functions.

It also uses the air pressure sensor to proactively check the stability of the ClicBot’s movement. The Suction Cup has a green strip indicator. The indicator light keeps breathing when Suction Cup is functioning and stays on if the suction is successful. The indicator can also indicate the connection status and update status.

ClicBot is an intelligent coding robot for educational purposes and entertainment. It's extremely modular, like building blocks - no screws, nuts, or wiring needed. It can quickly be assembled and dissembled. ClicBot’s unique modular design makes it fully customizable and the variety of playing configurations is limited only by your imagination.

  • 1x ClicBot Suction Cup


  • Diameter: 83.5 x 83.5 x 82.8 mm
  • Net Weight: 145 g
  • Adsorption Capacity: Vertical direction max. ~20 kg, Horizontal direction max ~5 kg
  • Buckle Position: Top

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