Arduino Starter Kit w/ French Manual

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The kit includes:

1x Arduino Projects Book (French, 170 pages)

1x Arduino UNO rev.3

1x USB cable

1x Breadboard

1x Wood base

1x 9V battery snap

70x Hard cable

2x Flexible cable

6x Photoresistor

3x Trimmer d10 kohm

10x Push button

1x Temperature sensor

1x Tilt sensor

1x LCD (16x2i)

1x LED (white)

1x LED (RGB)

8x LED (red)

8x LED (green)

8x LED (yellow)

3x LED (blue)

1x CC motor 6/9V

1x Servomotor

1x Piezo

1x H bridge

2x Photocoupler

5x BC547

2x IRF520

5x 100 nF capacitor

3x 100 uF capacitor

5x 100 pF capacitor

5x 1N4007 diode

3x Transparent jelly (red, green, blue)

1x Male strip connector (40x1)

20x 220 ohm resistor

5x 560 ohm resistor

5x 1 kohm resistor

5x 4.7 kohm resistor

10x 10 kohm resistor

5x 1 Mohm resistor

5x 10 Mohm resistor

This kit provides a hands-on introduction to the fundamentals of Arduino and electronics. It enables users to construct 15 projects with components that enable them to control the physical world through various types of sensors and actuators.

Having acquired this knowledge, users will be able to utilize code and circuits to create something aesthetically pleasing and bring joy to others through their inventions. Therefore, they are encouraged to build, hack and share!

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