52Pi Aluminum Case w/ Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 5 (Black)

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  • 52Pi Aluminum Case w/ Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 5 (Black)
  • Enhances Raspberry Pi 5 cooling
  • Easy, seamless setup
  • Rugged, elegant design
  • Ensures silent operation
  • Precision-engineered durability

The 52Pi Aluminum Case w/ Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 5 (Black) is a premium enclosure designed to enhance the functionality and aesthetic of the Raspberry Pi 5 development board. This enclosure is distinguished by its exceptional passive cooling capabilities, which are essential for maintaining the optimal performance of the Raspberry Pi 5.

The case features a passive heat dissipation design that is integral to its construction. Engineered with precision, the enclosure ensures efficient heat transfer through direct contact with critical components such as the CPU, memory, power chip, and network chip. The incorporation of a convex platform within the design further augments thermal conductivity, allowing for effective heat dispersion during operation and ensuring that the Raspberry Pi 5 operates at peak efficiency.

Installation of the case is straightforward, offering users a seamless setup process. The design, inspired by the robustness of armor cases, marries practicality with visual appeal. It not only provides robust protection for the Raspberry Pi 5 but also enhances its cooling without the need for additional components.

The case's aesthetic is characterized by a rugged yet sophisticated appearance, reminiscent of armor cases, which adds a layer of elegance to the Raspberry Pi 5 setup. Moreover, the aluminum alloy fins facilitate silent operation by negating the requirement for cooling fans, thus providing a noise-free computing environment without sacrificing cooling effectiveness.

Please note that it is important to handle the case with care during installation to avoid any potential damage to the Raspberry Pi 5 development board.

  • 1x 52Pi Aluminum Case w/ Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 5 (Black)

  • 88 x 56 x 24 mm / 3.46 x 2.20 x 0.94 inch (L x W x H)
  • Passive Heat Dissipation: The entire enclosure is engineered to facilitate heat transfer through direct contact with the CPU, memory, power chip, and network chip
  • Efficient Thermal Management: The case utilizes a strategically designed convex platform to enhance thermal conductivity, effectively dissipating heat generated during operation
  • Easy Installation: Installing the case is hassle-free, taking inspiration from armor cases for a practical and aesthetic design
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The aluminum CNC metal case adds sophistication to your Raspberry Pi 5 setup, reminiscent of armor cases
  • Silent Operation: This case relies on aluminum alloy fins for passive heat dissipation, eliminating the need for fans

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