No matter how you shop, payments should be a breeze. Klarna offers flexible payment options at checkout, so you can choose whichever is best for you. Applying for Klarna financing is quick and easy, simply provide a few details about yourself and get a real-time decision so you can purchase what you love now and pay over time.

Klarna differed payment options are currently offered by RobotShop which let you pay in Planned or Flexible payments. Here are the most frequently asked questions for Klarna.

How long does it take to get approved?

You will get an instant response from Klarna as soon as you register.

What is the Annual Percentage Rate?

The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for standard purchases is 19.99%. However, the APR may vary for special offers and promotional purchases at 9.99% and No interest is also offered on pay later plans.

How do I pay after purchase?

Your payments are automatically withdrawn from your connected card according to the agreed payment schedule, but you can make early payments anytime you wish.

To make a manual payment:

  1. Go to My Klarna
  2. Tap Payments and navigate between the purchase/statement you would like to pay
  3. Tap Payment options and follow the instructions

Good to know:

  • Apple pay is also an available payment option in the app.
  • Prepaid cards are not accepted. We accept all other major debit and credit cards.
  • You can’t cancel a payment while the payment is processing.
  • When paying your Financing statement be sure to pay the interest-saver amount to maintain the promotional terms of your Financing purchases.

Why wasn’t my purchase approved with Klarna?

If Klarna is unable to approve your purchase, they will notify you via email of their decision and the reason.

Good to know:

  • Each purchase is a new decision so one rejection does not mean that your future purchases will always be declined
  • A rejection does not negatively impact your credit score
  • Attempting too many purchases in a short amount of time may result in being rejected (fraud prevention)
  • The approval decision is not based solely on credit score, but rather multiple internal data points such as past payment history

Will I receive a physical card?

No. Your account is similar to a traditional credit card, without the card. To checkout, simply select Klarna during checkout and enter your personal information.

Is there an annual fee?

There is NO annual fee to use Klarna.

What is my due date and amount due?

Klarna send you an email with the payment plan when we ships your order.

How can I avoid late fees?

To ensure you never miss a payment and avoid late fees:

Enable payment notifications:

  1. Go to My Klarna
  2. Select Settings and navigate to Notifications
  3. Find Purchases and payments
  4. Tap the toggle to turn on Payment due notifications

If you haven’t received your order, or have returned it to the store, report it to pause your invoice.

Is there a penalty or fee for paying off your entire balance early?

There is no penalty or fee for paying off your entire balance early.

Which payment methods are accepted by Klarna?

Klarna currently accepts all major debit and credit cards (i.e. Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, Discover).

Please note:

  • Capital One does not allow their credit cards to be used for Klarna purchases, but Capital One debit cards can be used.
  • Prepaid cards are not accepted.

What are the different payment options with Klarna?

Klarna will offer different financing and monthly payment options based on your account as well as product pricing. These payment options will be presented to you at checkout.

What is the Annual Percentage Rate for Klarna?

Some Klarna plans are at No interest, some have a special APR of 9.99% and standard APR of 19.99%. Make sure to verify the plan before you accept it at checkout.

Does Klarna perform a credit check?

Klarna does not always perform a credit check on you, nevertheless, as a responsible lender, they want to make sure they’re helping our customers make the right financial decisions for their circumstances. When a credit check is performed, they verify your identity using the details you provided and look at information from your credit report to understand your financial behavior and evaluate your creditworthiness.

They will not perform a credit check on you when:

  • Signing up to use Klarna
  • Downloading the app

They will perform a soft credit check when:

  • Deciding to Pay in 4
  • Preferring to Pay in 30 days
  • Applying for Monthly financing

They will perform a hard credit check only when Applying for a Klarna Financing Account.

Does Klarna affect my credit score?

It depends on the payment method or service you choose because they perform different types of searches to check your financial standing as explained above.

Who can use Klarna?

To be eligible to use the Klarna you must:
  • Be at least 18
  • Have a valid bank card/bank account
  • Have a positive credit history
  • Be able to receive verification codes via text

Can I make multiple purchases with Klarna?

Yes. There is no set limit for how many purchases you can have with Klarna. However, the approval decision when shopping with Klarna depends on the following aspects:
  • Your credit history with Klarna
  • Your open debt and unpaid orders with Klarna
  • The purchase amount of your shopping card
  • The information from the external credit lookup

How do I return my order?

If you want to return your purchase, please follow these steps:

Follow the store’s return instructions

Returns are subject to the store’s return policy, so please check the store’s website for information on their return policy and instructions on how to make a return.

Let us know you’ve returned items

If the due date is approaching and you need extra time to solve the return with the store, just let us know that you are waiting for a return to be registered by pausing your invoice. Pause your invoice by logging in and choosing the purchase you returned and then selecting Report return.

Save the tracking information

If your return is not registered by the store, we can only support you if you can provide us with the package tracking information. If you have returned goods ordered online to the physical store, please keep proof of the return until it has been processed.

Check the My Klarna for updates

Once the store has adjusted your Klarna invoice, we will notify you or send you an email with the new amount to pay. How your refund will be processed depends on the payment method you have used. If you have any questions regarding the status of your return or refund eligibility, please contact the store directly.

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