Unitree Go1 EDU with EMLID Reach M2 RTK receiver and EMLID Reach RS2+ Base + NVIDIA Jetson NX + 2D Lidar

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Manufacturer #: Unitree Go1-EDU mapping kit + NX + 2D Lider

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  • Light and Compact, High Performance, Cantimetar accuracy
  • Centimeter accuracy with EMLID Reach RS2+ for georeferencing
  • Super Sensory System, Built-in Powerful AI, GNSS, BASE, Lidar
  • ISS And SSS Function Cooperatively
  • Reliable Power System

The Unitree Go1 EDU is designed as a sensor carrier platform for developers who want to explore the legged mobile robots. Can be used for tasks ranging from industrial inspection (Highly repeatable jobs) to entertainment. The Go1 and the Reach products are ready to use right out of the box. With its flexible API and payload interfaces, Go1 can be used for many applications. With Go1 Edu you can plan and execute a preplanned route with very high precision with help of the Reach M2 receiver and the RS2+ as a base. It's a super quick and easy solution to do repeatable action over and over within 1cm deviations.

Robots can walk alongside their human master, which is much better than the following conventional mode. Besides, the human-machine interaction is both harmonious and safe.

Robot Parameters:

Weight ≈ 12kg

Size (Folded): 0.588*0.29*0.22m

Max Speed ≈ 4.7m/s (17Km/h)

- Full View Coverage

- 5 Sets Fish-eye Stereo Depth Cameras + Ai Post-processing + 3 Set Hypersonic Sensors

- Lens Angle ≈ 150x170°

New Power Joint With super Lightweight

Low Noise And Long Life

Heat Pipe Cooling System Built In The Knee Joint Motor

- Body/Thigh joints C1-8: 520g 23.70N.m

- Knee joint C1-8X1.5ratio 35.55N.m

Can carry up to 5kg on his bag!

Bonus to the M2 you get a free surveying app to place quick and easy dots on your route and Emlid NTRIP Caster which is completely free and allows you to get correction data from the internet.

2D Lidar

After the installation of Lidar, Go1 Edu will support 4 perception functions: Dynamic obstacle avoidance, Navigation planning, Map building, and Self-positioning. Unitree will be responsible for installing the lidar with a protection bracket on it.


For Go1 Edu basic version, it will be equipped with 3 Nano, but 1 Nano can be changed into 1 Jeston Xavier NX. After the installation of NX, it will support vslam, gesture recognition, machine learning, etc.

And our special kit with Reach M2 with an antenna.

For more in-depth information check our Website:

Unitree Info: https://www.general-laser.at/shop-de/robots-de/unitree-robotics-de/go1-de/unitree-go1-pro-de

Emlid Reach Mapping Kit: https://www.general-laser.at/shop-de/rtk-gnss-de/rtk-modules-de/emlid-reach-m2-de

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