Niryo Ned2 6-Axis Robot Arm

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  • Niryo Ned2 6-Axis Robot Arm
  • Designed for Education, Research, and Industry 4.0
  • Offers a 6-axis collaborative robotic arm
  • Powered with AC/DC adapter with 11.1 V output
  • Consists of six robot joints of aluminum with plastic covers
  • Compatible with 5 different sorts of tools

The Niryo Ned2 6-Axis Robot Arm is a 6-axis collaborative robot based on open-source technologies to prototype and learn. Ned’s successor, Ned2, is more robust and has multiple improvements to allow users to go even further in the learning of collaborative robotics, thanks to an improved Human-Machine interaction.

With the same aluminum structure, Ned was made of, Ned2 will continue to meet your requirements in terms of robustness, precision (0.5 mm), and repeatability (0.5 mm).

This robot takes advantage of the capacities of the Raspberry Pi 4, with a 64-bit ARM V8 high-performance processor, 4 GB of RAM, and improved connectivity.

Niryo Ned2 6-Axis Robot Arm - Click to Enlarge

Ned2 is a collaborative robot based on Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS (Robot Operating System) Melodic, an open-source solution designed for robotics. Through ROS, Ned 2 benefits from multiple libraries, allowing you to conceive many programs from the most simple to the most complex ones, responding then, in a flexible way, to your needs.

Niryo Ned2 6-Axis Robot Arm - Click to Enlarge

Open-source, Ned2 allows you to develop without any limits and to implement use cases that meet your own needs. Control Ned2 via our Python and Modbus APIs, or dive into the heart of the robot by developing your own ROS nodes in Python or C++. Develop new ways to control Ned2 for your different projects.

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