RobotShop Arduino Experimentation Kit (HS422, GP2Y0A02YK)

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  • Version B: HS422 servo, GP2Y0A02YK IR sensor (20 to 150cm)
  • Arduino USB Microcontroller Module
  • Phidgets Rotation Sensors, Hitec Servo Motor and IR sensor included
  • All required cables included
  • Perfect for getting started with an Arduino

The RobotShop Arduino Experimentation Kit  includes an Arduino USB Microcontroller Module, a 6 Foot USB Cable, 170 Tie Point Mini Self-Adhesive Solderless Breadboard, Elenco 140 Piece Pre-formed Jumper Wire Kit, SFE Break Away Headers (Straight), a Sharp GP2D12 IR Range Sensor with a Lynxmotion SIRC-01 Sharp GP2 IR Sensor Cable, a Hitec HS-422 Servo Motor and a Phidgets Rotation Sensor. The accessories included with this kit help you to design robotic gadgets that help to create your robotic dreams and also help you in developing effective and efficient prototypes. Examples you can try include:

  • Position a servo motor
  • Get distance readings using an infrared distance sensor
  • Read a knob, then use it to position the servo
  • Create your own application such as an alarm

RobotShop Arduino Experimentation Kit (HS422, GP2Y0A02YK)

The Arduino USB Microcontroller Module is RoHS compliant and fully assembled and tested with ATMega328 pre-loaded with Arduino bootloader. The Arduino USB boards come pre-assembled and ready to use and proposed for roboticists, artists, designers and hobbyists. This product is based on the ATMEGA328 chip. On one side of the board there are 14 digital input/output pins as well as a ground pin and a reference pin that operates as voltage reference for the analog pins. Pin zero doubles as serial input, and pin 1 doubles for serial output. While on the other side of the board there are 6 analog pins and in addition with a voltage input pin, two ground pins and a reset pin. The board also has both a 3.3V and 5V output pins. 

Arduino is an open-source physical computing platform based on a trouble-free i/o board and a development background that carry out the Processing/Wiring language. It can be used to build up complete interactive objects or can be connected to software of a computer (e.g. Flash, Processing, MaxMSP). The open-source IDE can be downloaded for free but currently it is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The essential features of Arduino USB include 13 digital pins, 6 analog pins, power options of USB, Tx/Rx serial communication pins and Wall adapter or Vin/GND pin. It can be regulated on 5V and 3.3V output pins and has Mini LED connected to pin 13 and status LEDs to benefit the end users.

The  USB Cable included is of type "A" to type "B" and is used to connect the Arduino to the computer. The cable length and color may vary depending on stock levels.

For developing small and effective archetype device the 170 Tie Point Mini Self-Adhesive Solderless Breadboard can be used. This board is of 1.8"x1.4" having strong back and made up of self-adhesive backing to provide all necessary support to your innovative device. Further Elenco 140 Piece Pre-formed Jumper Wire Kit is to be used for developing this product in more refined way. This comes in 140 Pre-stripped, pre-formed #22 solid wires in various colors and has 14 different lengths of 10 pieces each.

The Break Away Headers is a row of 40 straight pin headers. These can be easily broken or cut into the number based on the need that fits the designed application. The height of the pin can be easily adjusted according to demand of designed application.
The Sharp GP2Y0A02YK IR Range Sensor comes in 10cm to 80cm and enables to calculate the distance of object placed in front of Robot. The interface of this device has 3-wire with power, ground and output and the required sensor is JST 3-pin connector. The Sharp GP2Y0A02YK IR Range Sensor takes a continuous distance reading and reports the distance as an analog voltage with a distance range of 20cm to 150cm.

The Lynxmotion SIRC-01 Sharp GP2 IR Sensor Cable - 8" has three wires; black, red, and yellow. This Lynxmotion cable facilitates using the Sharp Infrared Sensor with the breadboard. The opposite end of the Lynxmotion cable can be plugged into the Sharp sensor for direct use. Furthermore it is prewired with the JST connector on one end, and the standard 0.1" spaced connector.

The Hitec HS-422 Servo Motor is one of the most durable and reliable servos Hitec offers. It has dual iron-oilite bushings, high impact resin gear train and high performance circuitry and has the HS-422 features of excellent centering and resolution.

The Phidgets Rotation Sensor helps in providing 300 degree fine tune rotation to Robot. This sensor includes the cable and is used with an analog pin on the Arduino.


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