42DMW61 NEMA17 Brushless Motor w/ 56:1 Gearbox

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  • 42DMW61 NEMA17 Brushless Motor
  • Shaft Diameter: 8 mm
  • Offers 50 kg-cm of torque at speeds of up to 70 RPM
  • Comes with a 56:1 Gearbox
  • Provides a 24 volt brushless DC motor
  • Output Power: 50 W

The 42DMW61 NEMA17 Brushless Motor w/ 56:1 Gearbox is a 24 volt brushless DC motor, generating 50 kg-cm of torque at 70 RPM.

The Brushless DC motor provides convenient position and velocity control through the use of its built-in hall-effect sensor. They run quieter and last longer than their brushed counterparts. The 56:1 planetary gearbox on this motor results in higher torque at the cost of speed.

It is controlled by a brushless DC motor controller that has the capability to send control signals to the three motor wires. It comes with a 5-Pin Molex connector soldered to the hall effect wires, and ferrules crimped onto the motor wires so it can quickly and easily be connected to the Brushless DC Motor Phidget.

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