xyz-mIoT (SAMD21) w. M95FA - low power IoT node w. 2G (GSM/GPRS/SMS/DTMF) modem - Arduino programmable

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  • IoT node having 2G (GSM/GPRS) global modem embedded (for long-range wireless data communication)
  • low power ARM0 32bits architecture (SAMD21G), Arduino programmable
  • integrated LiPO/LiION battery charger w. solar charger support
  • power from Lithium primer battery support
  • highly integrated, only 35 x 45 mm and around 7g

Built around Microchip / ATMEL ATSAMD21G ARM0 micro-controller and having integrated LiPO / LiION battery charger, the xyz-mIoT shield equipped with Quectel M95FA modem*, member of the xyz-mIoT IoT node family, supports endless devices / sensors / actuators interfacing via abundant 3.3V compliant interfaces (1 * I2C, 1 * SPI, 1 * UART, 13 * digital I/O - 1WIRE and PWM capable, 5 analog inputs and more) and having support for solar powered applications and for Lithium primer battery powered low power applications (down to 35-37uA total shield sleep current and even further for particular configurations).

* Quectel M95FA - 2G (GSM/GPRS/SMS/DTMF) modem global coverage

xyz-mIoT IoT node family is the worldwide first and most compact (35x45mm/~7g) IoT board in this class, class that combines the functionality of the low power Arm® Cortex®-M0 32-bit SAMD21G micro-controller (in Arduino Zero / MKR compatible design) with THS + tVOC + HALL + IR + tilt / vibration sensors bundled and global low power LTE (CATM1 or NB-IoT) / LTE / 3G / GSM connectivity.

xyz-mIoT M95FA by shields are Arduino programmable and are supported by RTCC, WDT, low power and other Arduino libraries.

GETTING STARTED posts containing powering, low power / solar powering tips and tricks and interfacing guidelines for GSM / low power modems, ethernet, WIFI, LORA, SD card reader, TFT displays, sensors, relays and other modules, together with CLOUD integration examples can be found in section.

In order to have better image of the xyz-mIoT w. M95FA capabilities you should read "xyz-mIoT_M95FA_presentation_v1-03.pdf" and other pdf files available bellow in "Useful Links" section.

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